Water Hackers Workshop

workshop water hackers
Within the frame of the in-progress exhibition in Bourglinster (Luxembourg) we have organised a workshop about our ongoing project called ‘Water Hackers’, a research for a more open water infrastructure. Water Hackers aims at innovating water infrastructure, not by reinventing it from scratch, but by connecting what is already there and hacking into society in search for concrete proposals for future models, strategies and products.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.28.42

The project started during the last year at the Science Festival in Luxembourg where we documented the problematics of water on a video showing the bacterial contamination of the river Alzette. For this workshop we didn’t want to find the ultimate solution for our water problems but rather we focused on collecting an archive of already existing researches, concepts and activities related with water.

water tasting barWe have also experimented a ‘Water tasting’ bar for trying to detect the flavours of water from different kind of sources.

water_hackers_inprogressSome participants have used existing innovations for envisage future scenarios and products.

Workshop Table2

Thanks to this workshop we had the possibility to imagine, connect and frame new ideas coming from a multidisciplinary group. However, our aim is to give them the potential to grow by connecting with inhabitants and businesses of Luxembourg which are interested in exploring ways to stimulate small changes.


Thank to the participants: Jan, Koen, Giacomo, Philippe, Lisa, Lynn, Marck and Gregor.



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